No Farms No Food

No Farms No Food
No Farms No Food

Whether we like it or not, our food systems have drastically changed — for better and for worse. While smaller-scale farms provide healthy local food throughout the U.S., they are rapidly disappearing. The message of No Farms No Food is simple: Supporting local food is crucial. This campaign uses donations to protect local farmland, educate communities about the importance of farms, and push legislation to support local food. Eating locally grown, seasonal produce can actually be a much better choice for the environment and your health too. Most of the time, choosing produce grown at local farms — general considered to be within a 100-mile radius — can be the greener (and more nutritious) choice since fruits and veggies don’t need to be shipped across the country.

Contains ingredients grown on a farm. We all need farms to survive. Aside from energy from the sun, what else do we need in order to have food for ourselves and our families?

We need land to grow the food… healthy soils to nourish the crops and livestock… clean water on farms… and farmers to make it all happen.

But the land, soil, water and people we need to grow our food are at risk.

Like to get involved? Sign the petition to protect local farms and food here.


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