CamelBak #DitchDisposable Pledge

CamelBak #DitchDisposable Pledge
CamelBak #DitchDisposable Pledge

This campaign is a cinch to participate in: For 30 days (and hopefully for longer than that), campaigners pledge to ditch disposable plastic water bottles in favor of regular old tap water (served up in reusable bottles or plain ol’ glasses). Not only is tap water more cost-efficient, but one person going disposable-free for a month saves an average of 18 bottles from entering landfills. Purchasing your own reusable bottle and tossing it in a work or gym bag takes no time and — best of all — it’s free to fill up. Pledging to ditch disposable doesn’t have to stop after 30 days. Make it a habit and stay hydrated the smart way.

Every year, CamelBak filling stations at music festivals and events provide freshly filtered water and help to offset thousands of disposable bottles. All for free.

Ready to ditch disposable? Pledge here.

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